“I brought my son, Zavion, to meet with Jason while my family and I were visiting in Tampa. Since their lesson and the work they put in together that day, Zavion has been doing incredible and his confidence is shining through again! Jason had the ability to connect with Zavion and encourage him. I look forward to continue having my son work with him when we are back in Tampa again.”

-Nikia Anderson

“Jason started working with my son a few months back and he has been a tremendous help. He has completely changed my son’s approach and has taught him how to master the mental side of his game.  He really took the time to get to know him and really develop a game plan tailored to my son’s needs. I can’t thank him enough and we look forward to continuing to send our son to Jason.”

-Sam Davenport

“My son loves working with Jason! Not only has he taught him proper technique, but he has helped him with the most difficult part of baseball – the mental part. Jason is always positive and motivating!”

-Maylene Ramirez

“My boys love working with Jason and have improved tremendously!”

-Gina Dennis

“We appreciate every teaching passed on to our son. He eagerly awaits each training, feels that he is on the true path to his greatest dream. Thanks for everything!”

-Yhusselym Aldama Bellon

“As a former minor league player and current baseball academy owner, I see a lot of people in this business for the wrong reasons. Jason is in it for the right reasons! He loves kids and is outstanding working with them. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jason on a few occasions and he never raises his voice, is constantly encouraging to his students, and makes them better quickly. I’ve seen instructors who never “made it” and they carry that chip on their shoulders. They have no idea how incredibly difficult the game of baseball is. The further you go in this game the more you understand, appreciate and respect the game. Don’t hesitate to have your son or daughter work with Jason, they will be blessed for it in the long run.”

-Dave Wrigley

“My father was a professional baseball player, and I played baseball all my life through college. I thought I knew a lot about the game. That was until I got the opportunity and pleasure to sit and watch a Tampa Bay Rays game on T.V. with Jason. In his typical humble and laid-back style, he quickly demonstrated his unique knowledge and passion for the sport that far surpassed anything I had ever even thought about. I asked him when he learned all these many intricacies of the sport. He quietly answered “…about my fifth year in the big leagues, and I wish I had learned them sooner”. I told him that since he had retired from playing, together with his love for working with kids, he should share this rare knowledge about the finer points of baseball with aspiring baseball players, giving them the opportunity to learn many of these things sooner than he did, as a way of paying it back for his many fortunate achievements. Jason, if that is one of the things that helped you launch The Big League Approach, I am proud to say I helped. Keep up the good work, Jason. We are all so proud of you!”

-Earl Michaels, Jason’s Dad

“Jason is great with my son who is just starting out. He is an excellent resource not only for batting, but fielding as well. It’s the details that Jason picks up that sets him apart from everyone else.”

-Jeremy Johnson

Pat Burrell Testimonial